Bar & Grill in Portage, Indiana

Come to Sunset Lounge, a local bar and grill in Portage, Indiana, for great food, daily drink specials, live entertainment, dancing, and karaoke. There's something for everyone here. You can also join us every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night for football.

Party Here after Sunset

If our walls could talk, they might tell you stories of grandeur, adventure, excitement, conquest, and passion. It's a good thing walls can't talk, so we will spare you the details. Sunset Lounge, located in Portage, Indiana, is a place where dreams come true, the people are marvelous, the drinks are cold, and the sunset always sets exactly on time. 
Come by and bring your friends anytime and experience our live DJ, fully stocked bar, karaoke nights, and pool tables, which will make even your quietest of friends transform into a life-of-the-party sensation. Every day at sunset, the DJ tables start turning, and the lights dim. Our DJ is a guy that most believe received his Ph.D. in "Seamless Music Design," because his music skills can turn some of the worst dancers into a John Travolta Casanova. 
Sunset Sign, Bar and Grill in Portage, IN

Please Note

Our records show that one of two things will most likely occur when you retain council from one of our famous Sunset Lounge bartenders as she mixes her favorite concoction for you, called the "Oh So Good." Try not to look into her eyes, as some of bravest men in history have drooled down their new shirts, and that's embarrassing. 1.) The stress of the week will melt away and you will find yourself meeting your soul mate, or... 2.) The next day, your friends will show you at least five pictures of the great time you had break dancing on the dance floor.

We're not kidding. If you are still looking for a deeper understanding of what Sunset Lounge is all about, you will just have to experience it yourself. Give us a call; we open when the sun sets.

Visit our restaurant in Portage, Indiana, or contact us for more information.


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Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 3 p.m.–3 a.m. | Saturday, 4 p.m.–3 a.m. | Sunday, 11 a.m.–3 a.m.

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